Mike Pence Sells His Political Soul To Trump, Refuses To Endorse McCain, Ayotte

Well, it’s official. People seemed to think that putting Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on the ticket with the unpredictable loose cannon that is Donald Trump would be a good contrast that would help moderate Trump’s tone and bring some calm to the chaos that is Trump’s campaign. Not so, though. Trump has been in on again, off again feuds with the GOP leadership, which intensified when he refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan, all while tweeting a shout out to Ryan’s primary challenger. While Pence endorsed his long time friend Ryan, he has joined with the top of his ticket and snubbed Arizona Senator John McCain and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Both McCain and Ayotte are facing tough reelection battles, so support from the top of their ticket would really help (or not, considering who is on that ticket). Either way, it just keeps showing how the GOP is ripping itself apart over Trump. Also, this move by Pence means that whatever plans the Trump campaign and the GOP brass may have had regarding his ability to make traditional Republicans more comfortable with Trump just went down the toilet. Pence, however, plowed on and tried to put a cheery face on it all. He said:

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I look forward to supporting Republican candidates in the days and weeks ahead all over the country, and so does Donald Trump.

But the stakes in this election are so high. To restore our country and home and abroad, we need new leadership, and I’m looking forward to standing should to shoulder with Donald Trump to drive that new leadership forward.

So, in other words, he has zero intention of supporting either McCain or Ayotte, likely because Trump is feuding with them. Of course, John McCain wrote a scathing indictment of Trump’s despicable attacks on the Khans, a family who lost their son in the Iraq war. Also, he has always had an icy relationship with Trump, who ridiculed him for being a prisoner of war. To add insult to injury on his refusal to endorse McCain, Trump said he was declining that endorsement because McCain hasn’t “done a good job for the vets.” This, about a war hero he already insulted. As for Ayotte, she continuously stays as Trump-free as she can.

Well, you can kiss your political career good bye with this one, Mikey. The only reason you’re on the ticket is to moderate Trump, but now you’re showing yourself to be his lapdog. Have a good run, because it’s all over after November. You’ll never get elected to public office again.

Featured image via y Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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