Mike Huckabee’s War On Women Could Include Actual Troops And Weapons If He’s Elected

Mike Huckabee could be the dumbest man alive. That may seem harsh, but when you consider how much time and effort the Republican party spends trying to convince women in this country that there’s no “war” against them and their rights, what Mike Huckabee said about the issue recently must have the entire leadership of the RNC in a full-blown facepalm.

According to the Huckster, he will “not pretend there is nothing that can be done” about the “murder” of zygotes. He is prepared to invoke the due process and clauses of the 5th and 14th amendments. When asked if he were willing to actually use our troops to stop the evils of abortion, he indicated that “we will see, if I get to be President.”

Huckabee says the Supreme Court has little to say about it, as they are an un-elected body that has no right to make laws and that previous presidents have “disregarded” their rulings.

That, says Jesse Choper, professor emeritus of public law at the University of California-Berkeley School of Law, is not the case. He says that while there have been plenty of rulings that were disliked, there has been little resistance other than the civil rights rulings of the mid 20th century, which resulted in little more than civil unrest.

Huckabee is talking about disregarding the Supreme Court altogether, because they don’t seem to fall in line with his particular brand of radical religious views. Huckabee says Roe v. Wade isn’t enforceable, for example, because the 1973 Supreme Court didn’t have the information available that scientists have today that suggests that fetuses are human beings.

Yes, please do read that again. Take all the time you need. Huckabee has officially gone off his rocker. A fetus hasn’t been declared a human being by anyone other than the Christian right, and sorry, Mike, but they just don’t matter.

That won’t stop ol’ Mike Huckabee, champion of Christianity, protector of eggs, savior of men’s rights to exert power over women — from doing what’s best for our country and delivering us back to ever-so-heralded days of the early 1960’s — when the men were men and the women kept quiet.

Such a sad little man.

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