Mike Huckabee Wins Racist, Career-Killing Tweet Of The Night By A Landslide During #DemDebate (TWEETS)

Mike Huckabee pulled a …Mike Huckabee Tuesday night when he decided to ignore common sense and decency with an incredibly disgusting and racist tweet aimed at Koreans. Oh, sure, the Huckster probably thought that he was safe-tweeting because he stuck a “North” in front of those Koreans, but he wasn’t attacking the nasty, oppressive ruling regime, he was attacking the people who are oppressed:

Yes, the man whose son was caught strangling a dog, who doesn’t understand that people aren’t evil because their dictators are, actually tweeted that. In communist North Korea, a chef would be mandated to his position, whether he wanted it or not, to work in perpetuity in service to the party and the Supreme Leader. To say that you don’t trust someone whose enemies are your enemies is a lack of judgement cured by realizing they hide good advice like that in books.

When word got out, Huckabee was stupid enough to RETWEET the insult, complete with a little explanation of why he’s so ignorant that of course all of the true Kim Davis loving “Christians” who keep Huck’s dreams alive will buy easily.

We deplore the brutal dictatorship too, Mikey. We just don’t think the solution to problems like North Korea and Iran include the extinction of the innocent people who live there.

It will be fun to watch Huckabee’s numbers plummet after he goes all Trump and refuses to admit he was wrong about something.


Featured Image via Gage Skidmore

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