Mike Huckabee Uses The Duggar Family To Promote DVDs For Your Kids, In A Mail Order Scam (IMAGE)

Mike Huckabee must have been told by God that the Duggars are forgiven for sheltering their pedophile son Josh, because now he is back to using them to market his DVDs.

Mike Huckabee went into radio silence regarding his long time friends, the Duggar family, when Josh Duggar’s scandals and secrets came to light, and it was obvious the public was not going to forgive him like Huckabee rushed to do.

Previously, Huckabee had removed endorsements from the Duggars from his website, after their disaster of an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News about Josh Duggar’s incestuous pedophilia. Now, however, it seems both parties are prepared to be seen in public together again with a new political and financial deal they have arranged.

Mike Huckabee runs a company that markets a DVD series. The series is a scam that gives you the first one for “free” then automatically subscribes you to buy more while selling your personal information for marketing purposes. The Duggars are now promoting this DVD series on their Facebook page.


The DVD series is described as a tool to teach kids how a president is elected, and claims it will teach “historical fact without bias” as well as promoting American pride.

Isn’t pride one of the seven deadly sins, Mike?

This might be a last-ditch effort of the Duggar family to retain media relevance — and attention — due to their past few months of problems. From their pedophilia cover up, to sister Jill faking both of her missionary trips, and her midwife qualifications, and both Jill and Jessa misusing mission funds and being vapid and ignorant people in general, they are falling from the hearts of all but the most ignorant of Republicans.

Perhaps the fetishizing of women giving birth every 10 months for their entire life is starting to get a bit stale.


Featured image via Twitter

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