Mike Huckabee Says He Doesn’t Support Josh Duggar, Just His Media-Victimized Family (AUDIO)

Mike Huckabee, B-List GOP nominee hopeful and Fundie sycophant, distanced himself forcefully from Josh Duggar, calling him “despicable” and “dishonest” during a radio interview with Iowa radio host Simon Conway. However he didn’t toss the revolving door uterus, daddy dearest or their other 18 children from his good graces.

Never one to miss an opportunity to malign the Main Stream Media Huckabee couldn’t resist the opportunity to jab them in their role of reporting the Duggar family’s humiliation — which was to keep the spoiled and criminally insane chit’s crimes from quietly disappearing. Especially since his family did their best to make sure he can never be tried for molesting his sisters. That is the ultimate exploitation, committed by their own family, these girls will never have justice because the family chose to protect the abuser in their midst.

When speaking of the infamous idiot, Huckabee said:

He did some things that totally defy everything he supposedly stood for. But he certainly defied what his parents not only have stood for, but continue to. So my support was for his sisters, who were the real victims, I felt like they were being exploited by the media I’ve never defended Josh and I don’t defend him now because there’s nothing to defend.

Well, at least, the inhumanely hateful Huckabee is able to tell right from wrong when it comes to incestuous child molestation. He sure hasn’t realized that those really awesome people who he is choosing to support are totally complicit in the fact that those girls he claims were exploited by the media will never be able to see their abuser served justice. He may be sued, but never jailed.

They own that. They own that choice and by Huckabee’s own choice to maintain his support for the family that chose to hide their son’s crimes despite him victimizing their daughters, repeatedly he does too. Even while he claims to not “defend” him, he is not supporting those girls now any more than the family was when they re-victimized their own daughters. Even when they allow those girls to “take some of the blame.

But hey, God forgave them all, so it is A-OK now, right? Listen to Huckabee here:

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