Mike Huckabee Says ‘God Already Solved Racism,’ Wants Less Talk About Race Issues (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee went on Fox to declare that racism is over.

Former Governor of Arkansas and current GOP presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, went on Fox News to talk about the hotly debated issue of whether or not the Confederate flag should be flown at the South Carolina capitol.

Fox News host Ed Henry pointed out that Huckabee had failed to lead on the issue of taking the Confederate flag down, asking:

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You say voters want a leader, somebody who will stand up. A few days ago, I saw you asked right here on Fox about the Confederate flag issue down in South Carolina and you basically punted, and said it’s a state issue. Is that leadership?

Huckabee had previously said that whether or not the racist hate flag should be flown is a state issue, and deflected from there.

Huckabee responded to Henry by saying what he’s really being asked is if South Carolina is a racist state, and he declared that South Carolina must be racism free because the Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, is of Indian descent and they have a black U.S. senator.

Which is kind of like saying I’m not racist because I have black friends.

Huckabee thought that the governor’s decision to take the racist/traitor/loser/hate flag down was a good decision by the state, but opined that he doesn’t think it’s an important issue for a presidential candidate to be speaking about.

What Huckabee fails to understand is that when asked if he thinks the Confederate flag should come down, he’s really being asked if he cares for the civil rights of black people in the states where this flag symbolizing slavery is on display, and the fact that he has no real answer for that shows a lack of consideration for people he might be a leader for someday.

Huckabee then tried to steer the conversation to his favorite subject: God.

Huckabee said:

I keep hearing people saying we need more conversations about race. Actually we don’t need more conversations. What we need is conversions because the reconciliations that changes people is not a racial reconciliation, it’s a spiritual reconciliation when people are reconciled to God.

Because Christians are never racist. Duh.

Huckabee continued:

When I love God and I know that God created other people regardless of their color as much as he made me, I don’t have a problem with racism.

It’s solved!

Did you hear that? Huckabee just solved racism with MORE God! The man is a spiritual genius! Forget the election, just make Huckabee president already. Forget that the attacks took place in God’s own house; forget that the shooter was a racist conservative. If we just don’t talk about it, it’ll cease to be.

What Huckabee utterly fails to acknowledge is that blacks in the south experience racism everyday, and to ignore that just because nine people aren’t getting murdered everyday, it denies that racism isn’t a reality for millions of people in Confederate flag-flying states.

Here’s the clip from the Fox interview via Raw Story:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hTKnUc8WtI?rel=0]

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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