Mike Huckabee, Republican Presidential Candidate Calls For Sedition Over Same-Sex Marriage (VIDEO)

After the Supreme Court came out last week affirming the rights of equality, and putting to rest forever that gay marriages should hold the same legal authority as heterosexual marriages there was a huge outcry from the conservative masses. Many blasted the decision of the court, including the minority dissenters on the bench, and some even went as far as to say that the Supreme Court of the United States did not have the authority to make such a decision.

Interestingly, the Constitution actually lays out that the Supreme Court does in fact have the authority of judicial review of laws to ensure their Constitutionality, but facts matter little to the theocrats pushing their agenda of a cherry-picked “biblical interpretation of marriage.”

While the consternation of mass hysteria and butthurt came from those who will be forever aligned with being on the wrong side of history, some Presidential candidates went far beyond what can even be considered dissenting opinion and actively called for seditious acts against the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Bobby Jindal, a Presidential candidate for the Republican party, called for the absolution of the Supreme Court following their legal interpretation of the Constitution’s guarantee of equality between the states. Even leaving out the 14th Amendment as part of their ruling there lies a little clause in Article IV Section 1 that is oft-referred to as the “full faith and credit” clause. That was actually the clause that was cited in the Defense of Marriage Act that was passed and signed under President Bill Clinton. The DOMA actually stated the in the case of Marriage states were exempted from the full faith and credit clause. Interestingly, that law has been found to have been unconstitutional, and it’s a wonder that conservatives who long proclaim to be defenders of the Constitution didn’t demand immediate recognition of same-sex marriage when that was overturned in 2013…

Maybe it’s because they don’t actually respect the Constitution, but instead prefer a theocracy where their backwards view of “biblical marriage” can be enforced against even those who don’t believe it or abide by it. There is a country that does follow theological standards similar to that in their interpretation of the law: Iran. Perhaps all these god-fearing Christians would be so inclined to move there if that is truly the type of society they prefer to live in?

Then comes along Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, former Fox News pundit, and bigot extraordinaire asking for his followers and constituents to blatantly and brazenly violate the law and act in a wholly unconstitutional manner. You can watch his recent video here.

While, these fanatics continue to rail against giving equal rights to others, perhaps it would be a good reminder to show them just precisely what “biblical marriage” is all about. This is a chart created by my good friend, Ryan, depicting with references precisely what “biblical marriage” is when not cherry-picked by the religious right.


“Traditional Marriage” by artist Ryan Long. Known on Twitter as @Meteoryan

Featured Image via video screen capture

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