Mike Huckabee Needs A History Lesson, Thinks Revolution Was Fought Over Limitations On Beliefs

Mike Huckabee spoke with American Family Radio’s Kevin McCullough about the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate. To idiots like McCullough and Huckabee, the contraception mandate covers abortions and abortifacients, and is just the type of tyranny that we fought a Revolution to avoid.

Right Wing Watch has this quote from Huckabee:

When I go back to American history, that’s why the American Revolution started. You had a government that became a tyranny and that government began to tell people what limitations of their belief could be.

Or we had a government that was imposing hefty taxes to cover the costs of the French and Indian War, such as the Stamp Act and the Townshend Duties, which created a lot of anger and resentment in the colonies. The revolution was about the British Crown milking money out of the colonies for all they were worth, without even giving the colonies a voice, but hey, Huckabee will think what he wants.

While some argue that the contraception mandate imposes things on people and companies regardless of their beliefs, and takes away their voice, that’s actually not the case. There is already an exemption for true religious organizations with religious missions. It only seems to be right-wing Christians who feel their voice has been taken away. What’s really happening, though, is that their voice is no longer dominating all things.

When the Supreme Court decided that for-profit companies that are secular in nature can also get religious exemptions, there was a grave miscarriage of justice. That allows an employer to impose the religious beliefs of the owners onto their employees, regardless of the employees’ beliefs and religions.

We do live under a kind of tyranny though; here in the U.S., corporations and wealthy people buy politicians, along with groups that write model legislation, and they impose their will on the rest of us to further enrich themselves, and further their own warped interests (as in the Hobby Lobby case that decided how the contraception mandate applied to for-profit, secular companies).

Besides that, we’re not a Christian nation. Huckabee, McCullough, and their ilk, will never understand that, it seems. In fact, Huckabee would work to turn this country into his idea of a Christian utopia if he were elected president. He believes that the atheists have imposed secularism on all the innocent, god-fearing Christians here, and it would be his duty to break that and return us to whatever he thinks our roots are.

McCullough is another one of those who thinks that Christians are the only ones with religious freedom here. At the start of Right Wing Watch‘s video, he said:

Obamacare makes abortion taxpayer-funded, and there is little that can be done about avoiding that. Governor, the religious liberty issue, it’s the preeminent issue of our time, I feel like, even though it’s not quite as sexy as the economy or as national defense. If we don’t have the right to have a conscientious disagreement and live in liberty with one another, and especially live in liberty with the government, we’ve lost America at that point.

This been so thoroughly debunked that it’s a wonder this is even coming up again. And what does, “Live in liberty with,” even mean? Your right to impose your religion on others is non-existent, and McCullough is advocating giving Christians their due liberty by taking it from others. A nation like ours must necessarily have limits on freedom of religion, otherwise everyone gets to impose their beliefs on everyone else. That’s what the First Amendment means. The only people who seem to think they have this right, though, are the right-wing Christians, like Huckabee and McCullough.


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