Mike Huckabee Goes On Clueless Rant Over SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

Mike Huckabee is, of course, saying outlandish things about the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling. He strongly opposes marriage equality, as he strongly opposes anything that either doesn’t pander to the conservative base, or doesn’t agree with his god’s “law.” Given that he’s a candidate for the presidency in 2016, he’s naturally saying how he’d handle such a bad ruling if he were president.

On Friday, Huckabee said, according to Buzzfeed:

I would say the Supreme Court has issued a ruling, we will review it, we will respect it, but we will not follow it, because it goes against the will of voters in over 30 states.

It doesn’t work that way. It’s really sick that he thinks it works this way, and he wants to be president. He’s essentially saying the courts don’t matter until lawmakers decide they matter, which is ridiculous on its face. The courts are a vital check on the legislative and executive branches of our government. Having been a state governor, Huckabee ought to know this.

Also, how do you respect a ruling without following it? You say, “Thank you for the ruling,” and then do your own thing, like they handed you a popsicle? What is the difference between respecting a court ruling and following it?

Of course, Huckabee believes that court opinions are just opinions, and carry no weight until the executive and legislative branches decide to write a bill, and sign it into law, that follows that ruling. When is this moron going to finally acknowledge that, if that were true, we’d have no courts at all, and we’d probably have a tyrannical government because it could do what it wanted without that vital check?

That’s not all Huckabee said, though. He called Justice Roberts, who wrote the majority opinion the case upholding the subsidies for the ACA, schizophrenic. He believes, according to Buzzfeed, that Roberts might feel he went too far with that ruling, so he had to reverse course and dissent on the marriage case. Both cases, Huckabee says, are “legislating from the bench.”

Of course, he’s said that before, and he’s said that court opinions are just opinions before, too. This isn’t new for him, but it’s incredibly ignorant and arrogant, and repugnant in a presidential candidate who should know better. Huckabee’s main problem boils down to, “They didn’t agree with me, so when I’m president, I’m just going to ignore them. See how they like it.”

He took the cake, however, when he said this:

I will not acquiesce to an imperial court any more than our Founders acquiesced to an imperial British monarch. We must resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat.

Yes…clearly a court interpreting laws and either striking them down as unconstitutional, or upholding them as constitutional, is judicial tyranny. What did he say when the Hobby Lobby ruling came down? Oh yes. He said, on a Facebook post:

The Supreme Court got it right, today, but barely. In the 5-4 decision, the court ruled that the government can’t force an employer in a privately held company to provide abortifacient drugs as part of its health care plan.

Only in the la-la land of left would it sound reasonable that government has created not only a ‘right’ to take the life of a child, but the obligation of providing it, even when it violated the First Amendment rights of that employer. The government can’t say, ‘you can have some religion, but only what the government agrees is sufficient.’ The Hobby Lobby ruling is yet another repudiation of the overreaching dictates of the Obama administration and a good day for freedom.

Well, actually, yes it can. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. That means there must necessarily be limitations on religion. Those limitations must be subject to high levels of scrutiny, of course, because the government has to demonstrate a compelling interest in limiting religious practices. But limitations do exist. Huckabee’s a complete moron.

In short, when it goes his way, Huckabee thinks the Supreme Court is fantastic.  When it doesn’t, it’s judicial tyranny that he won’t listen to. Talk about childish. This sorry excuse of politician is a scary choice for president; hopefully, the Republicans won’t nominate him.

Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr

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