Mike Huckabee Compares Dallas Sniper Attack To Challenger Disaster In Sad Attempt To Attack Obama

On Thursday evening, the city of Dallas, Texas became home to the latest mass shooting in America. Five police officers were murdered and seven others injured by at least one sniper who hid in a parking garage and fired on police from above them. The man said he wanted to kill white police officers and expressed anger not just towards the police, but also the Black Lives Matter movement. Dallas police were in a standoff with the domestic terrorist for hours and the siege only came to an end when the officers detonated a bomb, killing him.

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In the early morning hours of Friday, President Obama delivered a speech in Warsaw, Poland, condemning the attack on law enforcement and offering his condolences. The president also stressed the need for common sense gun control, by reminding us that these situations are made worse by the types of weapons shooters have at their disposal; and it was this that made former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee lose his mind on Fox & Friends:

I think this is a time when real leaders bring people together, he doesn’t split them apart. He doesn’t need to inject the divisive arguments like gun control at a time of great grief for the nation. And he ought to do for us what Ronald Reagan did after the Challenger disaster. And that’s remind us of what we have in common, not what separates us. And that’s why I’m always so frustrated. Barack Obama has such great potential to be a leader.


The Challenger disaster is exactly nothing like the Dallas massacre. The Challenger disaster was not a violent massacre made possible by a man with a gun. The space crew of the Challenger were not methodically murdered and comparing the two incidents proves how desperate the right is to shine the light away from the real problem in America: guns.

It’s also pretty laughable that Huckabee failed to mention that President Reagan supported an assault rifle ban, just like President Obama. But it’s unsurprising because by mentioning that, he’d have to admit that on the topic of gun the two presidents were very much alike.

The reality is that the Dallas massacre is very much about guns because these police officers were murdered by a guy with a gun. Had he had a knife there is no way that he could have killed five police officers. If he’d had a bat, there is no way he could have killed five police officers. This crime was only possible because of the weapon that he used.

This tragedy is a direct result of the United States’ gun culture and the proliferation of firearms in our country. Somewhere along the way people began to believe that the only way to solve their problems is by shooting people and this is not something that happens in any other industrialized country. The rest of the world is looking at us with pity because as thousands of people continue to die, the most powerful country in the world does nothing to stem the flow of blood from their own citizens.

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