Michigan Republicans Respond To Flint Water Crisis…By Passing An Anti-Sodomy Law

As tens of thousands of people in Flint are being continually exposed to lead poisoned water, Michigan’s Republican-controlled state legislature stepped up to address the situation by passing the renewal of a law that bans oral and anal sex. Michigan Republicans were quoted as saying that the anti-sodomy law is meant to “protect animals” and not target gay people.

It cannot be stressed enough how little this law will do to address the Flint water crisis, let alone create one job, feed one hungry child or prevent one shooting. However, perhaps the Flint water crisis will be cured by God once Michigan deals with all the terrible gay people alleged animal abusers. It will be a reward of sorts. He replaces all the pipes and purifies the river, in return for the law being passed. Seems legit!

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The law, as worded, says it prohibits “the abominable and detestable crime against nature with mankind or with any animal.” It’s great that they had to add “animal” in there just so they could deny it is there to harass specifically gay people. The main law that Michigan legislators were attempting to pass was Logan’s Law, which is a package of bills set to protect pets from animal abusers. State GOP Representative Rick Jones refused to consider excluding homosexuality, though, because of course he did.

Jones excused his bigoted legislation by trying to imply that the bill couldn’t be passed without the anti-gay portion, and he felt that animals needed to be protected so he pushed it through as-is. Will the law be enforced? There’s a really good chance nobody will be busting into bedrooms across the state. (For one thing, it’s unconstitutional.) However, the fact it is there allows for that potential, plus it sends a terrible signal to the LGBT community of the state.

As of yet, there is no word on whether or not the sodomy levels in Flint have gone below the lead levels in the water there.

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