Michigan ‘Patriot’ Loses His Sh*t Over Walmart Employee Wearing A Hijab (IMAGES)

A Facebook post by a “patriotic” gun-loving ‘Murican is generating the latest dose of right-wing anti-Muslim outrage, and causing some to call for a boycott of Walmart. That’s right, Walmart. Righties are getting all worked up into a frenzy over what is basically nonsense.

Here is what Levi Sanford posted on his Facebook page that has conservatives all upset:

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Levi Sanford 2


There are several problems with this post. The first of those is the fact that federal law requires exemptions to corporate dress codes for religious attire. Since Muslim women are required to wear a hijab, Walmart had no choice in the matter. The veteran greeter described in the post was apparently not told that his military pins had to go, since it says they were on his new Walmart hat. It was only the hat that he was not allowed to wear.

Here’s the next problem. The post prominently features the photo below, of the female wearing the hijab. But where’s the picture of his veteran buddy?

via Facebook

via Facebook

If Sanford had no problem with turning around and taking her picture, you’d think that he might have offered a photo of the man who was so “publicly humiliated” by Walmart. But there is none to be found, making the whole story seem suspicious.

The issue that Levi Sanford should have had is with Walmart. He plainly states that his buddy “Val” told him that he couldn’t wear his old hat due to their dress code. But instead, he decided to make it an anti-Muslim rant. Don’t blame Walmart for following federal law when enforcing their dress code, blame the woman whose religion you have an issue with. Aren’t these guys supposed to be all about “religious freedom?”

Then there are the assumptions that Sanford made about the woman. He refers to “Val” as “one of our own.” But as far as he knows, this Muslim woman may be an American citizen, too. She may be a naturalized citizen, or she may have actually been born here.

Would Sanford have been as upset if the other half of this story involved a Jewish woman wearing a head scarf?

via Wikimedia

via Wikimedia

Why is it that these people who claim to love America so much, and who say they love the constitution so much, seem to have no clue about what the constitution actually says?

Featured image via Facebook

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