Michigan GOP Funds Infrastructure Only Way They Know: Taxing The Working Poor

While House Republicans in D.C. were proving that they are nothing but sociopaths with bad haircuts after voting to gut $260 million from Amtrak’s budget barely 24 hours after a deadly train crash. Republicans in Michigan were doing the saintly work of Ayn Rand.

One would think the only way Congress would fund infrastructure is if we named roads and bridges after Middle Eastern countries, but it seems Republicans in Michigan did find a way to do it: fund it off the backs of the poor. For example, Michigan House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R) revealed that Republicans had devised a plan for Michigan road funding by raising part of the money on the backs of the working poor.

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We have to determine what are the core functions of state government and let’s budget accordingly,” Cotter said at a press conference on Wednesday. “This plan is an exercise in reprioritization. (Raw Story)

According to the Detroit Free Press, the plan calls for $700 million over the next four years to originate from economic growth, which experts say is shaky. Tribal casinos were expecting to oppose a part of the plan that would shift $50 million in subsidies that they currently receive to road funding. But, the really dic*ish move comes with the tax on the poor.

In order to fund $117 million of the project, Republicans intend to gut the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which is the program that provides tax relief to the working poor. In fact, it seems the credit can be greater than tax paid through withholding, giving the worker a tiny amount of additional earnings. Naturally, Democratic House Leader Tim Greimel shot down the plan.

“Relying on imagined future revenue growth is not a long-term solution that will take us into the future with a solid financial plan to fix and maintain our roads,” he explained. “Raising taxes on working families by eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit, while not asking corporations who’ve seen billions of dollars in tax cuts to make a contribution, is a slap in the face to Michigan residents.” (ElectaBlog)

This is just one of a gazillion instances of the GOP crapping on people who can’t afford to buy a politician.

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