Michelle Obama Elegantly Explains Why Americans Feel Hopeless; Trump Insults Her (VIDEO)

Outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama once again gave voice to the feelings of despair so many people in America, and to an ever growing degree the world, have been experiencing about the incoming administration, but once again Trump is so stuck in his La La Trumpland, he can’t hear it, or better yet, doesn’t care.

In an interview with Oprah, which will air Monday night on CBS, Michelle Obama expressed with her signature fiery eloquence that:

“we feel the difference now … now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary. It’s a necessary concept. And Barack didn’t just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes.

“I mean, he and I and so many believe … what else do you have if you don’t have hope?”

Saturday, on the final stop of his “Thank You Tour” in Mobile, Alabama, Trump responded to the comment by saying,

“We have tremendous hope, and we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential.”


“I actually think she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out.”

No, Michelle meant it exactly the way it came out and the fact the President-elect can blow it off just shows that he is absolutely out of touch with what a majority of voters (yes, majority) have been feeling since the night of November 8 and it is THIS hopelessness.

Trump went on to say he assumed the FLOTOS’ comments were “about the past, not the future.”

Just like during the campaign, instead of actually saying what he would do as a leader, he tried to disrespect his opponent, like a child. Michelle went on to predict just how much Americans will come to appreciate who her husband was:

“Having a grown-up in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, ‘Hey, it’s gonna be OK. Let’s remember the good things that we have. Let’s look at the future. Let’s look at all the things that we’re building’.”

Meanwhile, Trump is putting together a cabinet and advisory team that is set to destroy all that has been built over the past eight years and divide this country further along all racial and socioeconomic lines, not to mention instigating huge amounts of tension with other countries.

There is no hope in destruction and fear. Trump lives in a world of delusion and surrounds himself with only those willing to support his maniacal behavior.

Yes, we will miss Barack Obama, but we will also miss Michelle. Where Barack was the passionate leader of Americans, Michelle was their empathetic voice.

Watch a clip from Michelle Obama’s interview with Oprah here:

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Featured image via Youtube screengrab

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