Michelle Obama Repetitively Botches Senate Candidate’s Name Stumping In Iowa (VIDEO)

Here’s some fodder for all the Michelle Obama trolls out there.

Last Friday, Oct. 10, the First Lady repetitively mispronounced the name of Iowa Democratic candidate for the Senate , Bruce Braley, as “Bruce Bailey.”

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Perhaps Obama was thinking of that old song, “Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home”?

Unfortunately, the mix-ups don’t stop there. Speaking before an audience at Drake University in Des Moines, Obama also stated, according to the Washington Post, that don’t-call-me-Bailey Braley is a Marine Corps veteran. That, alas, is not so. Perhaps Bruce Bailey is, though, were he not simply a mistaken namesake for Bruce Braley.

Politico reports that an audience member eventually corrected the First Lady after she’d flubbed the name a number of times. Before she was corrected, however, Obama even went so far as to direct voters to the wrong website, promoting “vote.BruceBailey.com,” rather than “vote.BruceBraley.com”.

There is little doubt that many Americans will take this opportunity to belittle the First Lady. Folks love to chastise President Obama, and that ire has become equally strong, perhaps even sometimes surpassing that of the President’s, when it comes to the Obama’s wife and First Lady, Michelle Obama. One recent, absurd article even sought to prove that Michelle Obama is really a man.

But for those of us with a bit of intelligence, maturity, and understanding, there are no illusions that the President and First Lady are personal friends with every Democratic candidate they stump for around the country. Let’s face it, the political trail can be extremely grueling and sleep deprivation is common.

Going from place to place giving speeches over and again relating to different politicians, localizing the rhetoric however and whenever possible, can be confusing and mind-numbing, especially when one is lacking sleep. These things happen and is no reflection of the First Lady’s intelligence or overall public speaking abilities. It could happen to anyone in the spotlight under such conditions, so let’s be reasonable if that is indeed at all possible in America any more.

Sure, take a moment for a small chuckle, but consider leaving it at that. That’s about all an instance like this calls for, unless one takes exceptional joy in berating politicians, First Ladies, women, and perhaps – yes, in this country, especially – African Americans. Considering Michelle Obama encompasses all of those traits, it won’t be surprising to see the jokes and slander flying about her, but that will also be so much more a reflection of those doing the flinging than the First Lady, herself.


Bruce Braley. (Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.)

Not to let an opportunity slip by, however, on GOP supporter has jumped on the error and purchased the domain name, “vote.BruceBailey.com,” which allegedly directs people to Braley’s opponent, Joni Ernst’s web site, though the link does not seem to function at the time of this article was written.

Catching herself with a bit of common, humble humanity about the whole ordeal, though, Michelle Obama joked:

Braley? What did I say? I’m losing it. I’m getting old. I’ve been traveling too much.

And in fact, likely, that’s all it truly is – jet lag, exhaustion, life on the campaign trail, but modern America loves to jump on anything it can make fun of or exploit for a buck, doesn’t it? However, folks with a bit of integrity, maturity, empathy and class will understand that and think little more of the issue.

How about you?


H/T: statecolumn.com

(Photo of Michelle Obama courtesy of WikiMedia)

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