Bachmann Goes Full Derp: We’ll See A ‘Wave Of Car Bombings’ (AUDIO)

Michelle Bachmann


The only worthwhile thing to come out of the Tea Party are the years of ridiculousness we’ve been granted by the voters of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District. Well, that and Tina Fey’s version of Sarah Palin. From carbon dioxide not being a harmful gas to the undeniable irony of this imbecile calling herself a part of an “intellectual movement,” Michelle Bachmann has produced many belly laughs at the expense of one vote in a gridlocked congress.

Bachmann’s latest buffoonery came on the Saturday broadcast of the End Times Radio Show.  It’s a real thing, I checked. It has “hopefully the Holy Spirit” listed as director. When Bachmann gets fired up it’s time to hit record, start the laugh-O-meter and settle in for a joy ride through Stupidtown:

“Since we have the Islamic State come (sic) into the United States, we’ll see a wave of car bombings and bombings that occur here in the United States that would begin the process of destabilization to bring them to the point of defeating us here in the United States.”

You can’t make this stuff up. In the interview she also accused Obama of “releasing Baghdadi,” referencing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS. Baghdadi was released from detainment in 2009 under an agreement made in 2008 by then President George W. Bush. Go figure.

She also knowingly summoned the stigma of Bush when she said:

“George Bush said rightly, either we defeat them over there where the war is occurring or be forced to fight them here.”

It’s hard to believe anyone has yet to point out to her that there were no Al Qaeda in Iraq until the war God wanted us to fight -for some reason- created them and that the power vacuum created by the crisis in Syria became the perfect hotbed for the new killers on the block. Indiscriminate killers at that. Muslims, Christians, random people who disagree. The right doesn’t know how to react seeing Muslims kill Muslims. 24% of their being is dedicated to the belief that Muslims are a singular unit out to kill all Christians and Jews and install Sharia law in heartland America.  Their only recourse?

Blame Obama.

The audio is definitely worth a listen. You can just feel the warm spirit of the Lord coursing through your veins as Michelle tells gaggles of people things she just made up 4 seconds ago.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch

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