Mic Drop: Obama Just Torched The Obstructionist GOP In His Departing Message To Them

Before President Obama even stepped foot in the White House, the petty and obstructionist man-children in the GOP were poised to make his life a living hell. At first, Obama seemed geniunely stunned by their steadfast commitment to not doing their jobs. But as time went on the GOP continued to hold the country hostage in order to appease their right-wing base, the president stopped giving a f*ck and did all he could to serve the very people who catapulted him to the White House.

Now that Obama’s time in office is coming to a close and we face being dragged into Armageddon by an orange lunatic, the president has been ratcheting up support for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and expressing his belief on just how destructive a President Trump would be. He already let his thoughts be known about Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) in a piece for NY Magazine, and now it seems he took to the Huffington Post to vent even further.

His scathing letter sharply criticizes Senate Republicans for refusing to confirm Merrick Garland, his Supreme Court justice nominee, and  explains how the GOP’s non-stop obstruction has majorly impeded progress. in the way of progress.

Via the Huffington Post:

“This week, the Supreme Court returns to work. The Justices will hear important cases on issues ranging from the separation of church and state to intellectual property to Congressional redistricting to the death penalty. Many of the cases address questions that are fundamental to our democracy: the right to vote, for instance, or what constitutes U.S. citizenship. Yet – regardless of the stakes – Republicans in Congress have forced the Court to weigh these pivotal issues one Justice short of the Court’s full panel of nine.”

Yes, yes, and more yes! Obama then went on to criticize the GOP’s obstruction and pointed out how their behavior was not only unbecoming, but virtually unprecedented.

It’s been 202 days since I nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. That’s more than five months longer than the average nominee has had to wait over the last 40 years to receive a hearing in Congress – let alone an up or down vote. This delay has nothing to do with Judge Garland’s personality or his qualifications. Senators on both sides of the aisle acknowledge that he is a distinguished legal mind, a dedicated public servant, and a good and decent man.

The last time a Justice wasn’t confirmed until past election day was during the Civil War. There’s absolutely nothing preventing the Senate from holding a vote on Garland except their petty partisan agenda. Their relentless campaign to deny President Obama legitimacy in the the twilight of his presidency will go down in history as one of the most toxic and counter-productive betrayals of the American people in favor of their lobbyists and a racially-tinged effort to smear the legacy of one of our nation’s most effective presidents.

And when it came to the GOP’s efforts to destroy his presidency (and the country) in the very beginning, Obama really let them have it:

Republicans have long been resolved to defeat proposals I’ve put forward or supported on everything from equal pay, immigration reform and increasing the minimum wage, to expanding commonsense background checks for those who want to purchase a gun, and basic protections for American workers against discrimination based on who they love or how they identify.

Regardless of all the never-ending crap the right-wing has said or made up about him, President Obama has remained the consummate professional–always getting the last laugh and the best out of his fiercest opponents. So kudos to the president for having the guts to never give in and always get the last word.

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