Mic Drop – Bernie SHREDS ABC ‘Journalist’ Who Tried To Lie About Him To His Face (VIDEO)

Martha Raddatz showed again why corporate media is an exercise in futility when she attempted to conduct an incredibly misleading and outright dishonest interview with Bernie Sanders. Raddatz started listing off soundbites saying Bernie has Wall Street “scared.” This is the point she goes off the rails. Raddatz actually tried to suggest that Bernie Sanders – all by himself – was responsible for the recent global stock market volatility.

Martha’s comments went as follows:

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Steve Schwarzman who said the markets are unsettled because of you, a slowdown in China and geopolitical risks. You’re laughing, but I want to know why is it a good thing that the markets are in turmoil? People have their pension funds in the market? Lots of middle class people have their 401(k)s invested in stocks. It’s not just Wall Street. Everybody is affected by this.

This is called a “loaded question” Martha, and it’s beneath the dignity of a major news outlet.

This is exactly why ABC has ratings problems. What she did is a very old political trick that is usually described as the “when did you stop beating your wife?” question. The question itself has a false or unproven supposition and it’s used as a hit job statement.

Bernie was having none of her bullsh*t. He fired right back and reminded her of just who she was dealing with.

Watch Martha Raddatz need some cream for that sick Bern she got below:

featured image via video screen capture

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