Mexican Man Makes A Trump Taco And The Ingredients Are Hilarious (VIDEO)

As previously written, the only silver lining in Trump’s freakish rise to becoming the presumptive Republican nominee is the seemingly never-ending comedy fodder he brings. His mouth is a portal into a funhouse dimension of lunacy that’s just all too ripe for parody.  To this date, Trump has been a pinata, a butt plug, and a Halloween mask. And now he’s become a taco, and the ingredients are quite hilarious.

It’s got a lot of tongue and a pinch of brain, Huiesmberto Erives, the creator of the Trump taco, said over the phone in an interview from the northern Mexican town of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc. Many politician [inspired] tacos have lots of tongue and little brain, added Erives, whose menu also features tacos named after several Mexican politicians.But for the Trump taco, I’m also adding a bit of trompita de marrano — or pig’s s snout. (Fusion)

I love this guy!

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For a mere dollar, customers can enjoy the possibility of getting major digestive problems, much like the real Trump. So while not the tastiest and healthiest taco on the menu,  it’s certainly one way for Mexicans to bite into their growing disenchantment with Trump . Erives said he came up with the idea when Trump first began making inflammatory comments about Mexico sending rapists and criminals to the U.S.

I wasn’t expecting such a big reaction, said Erives, who’s been running the Tacos Tio Beto restaurant for almost 30 years. Last Sunday a group of people from Chihuahua City [65 miles away] came here to see my invention, cause it was in the news and all. (Fusion)

Watch Erives  show the invention of the Trump taco below: 

Featured image via Fusion and courtesy of Ulises Erives

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