Men Of Alabama GOP Try Increasing Appeal To Women By Treating Them Like Sex Offenders

Alabama Republicans passed a brand new law when they thought nobody was watching, which guarantees to attract more women to the party by classifying females who need things like breast cancer screenings and pap smears as the equivalent of sex offenders.

The bill prohibits “abortion clinics,” such as Planned Parenthood, from operating within 2,000 feet of an elementary or middle school. Why this matters is unknown, because historically speaking no child between the grades of k-12 has yet to be successfully retro-aborted.

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This will most likely close down 2 of the entire state’s last 5 functional clinics – one of which is in Huntsville and serves the entire northern half of the state. What makes it even more insulting is that the Huntsville clinic, just moved to a location across the street from a school in 2014 in order to comply with ANOTHER bullsh*t trap law that was passed in 2013.

Republicans are literally legislating women’s constitutional rights a little bit at a time, and it seems like nobody cares.

Senator Paul Stanford (Republican male, because of course he is) was the idiot that introduced the bill. His excuse:

We can put a restriction on whether a liquor store opens up across the street and make sure pedophiles stay away from schools. I just think having an abortion clinic that close to elementary-age school children that actually have to walk on the sidewalk past it is not the best thing.

Yes, think of the children. Alabama Republicans, along with every other Republican numb-nut that exists, literally want to have school teachers carrying assault rifles but if they have to walk by a building with a pink “Planned Parenthood” sign, somehow that will cause them to be traumatized.

House Democrats tried to mount a filibuster, but the House Speaker called security when they were interrupting proceedings to silence them.

I’m getting really sick of Republicans “caring about children” so much when it comes to things like this. Especially when they are also jumping at the chance to take away their school lunches. Aren’t you too?

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