Melania Drags Secret Service To Maryland For Pointless Hearing In Defamation Case

Apparently, the incoming FLOTUS has a little time on her hands.

With less than six weeks until her husband is sworn in as President of the United States, Melania Trump felt a good use of her time, and that of the Secret Service, would be to travel to Rockville, Maryland to attend a hearing related to her lawsuit against The Daily Mail Online and Webster Tarpley, a Maryland-based blogger.

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According to her attorney, Charles Harder, Melania’s appearance for the scheduling conference wasn’t necessary, but the incoming First Lady chose to be there:

“to meet the Judge, meet opposing counsel, and show her commitment to the case. Mrs. Trump looks forward to seeing the case to a successful conclusion.”

The hearing lasted about 25 minutes with a simple outcome… Montgomery Circuit judge, Sharon Burrell, set the trial to take place from Nov. 6th- 22nd, 2017. Melania didn’t even speak except to respond to the judge’s greeting. Interestingly, Tarpley was not present.

So, what horrible crime was committed against her that she felt it was imperative that she be present?

Melania is suing Tarpley, a seventy-year-old blogger, and Mail Media, the parent company of the Daily Mail, for defamation. Specifically, for posting a blog that reported she once worked as an escort.

When the lawsuit was originally filed back in September, her attorneys, who estimate damages to be $150 million dollars, alleged the reports to be, “100% false and tremendously damaging to her personal and professional reputation.”

Really? If Mrs. Trump really cared about her reputation, she shouldn’t have married a sex offender.

Melania herself said that the blogger acted “with reckless disregard for the truth.”

Again, does she know who her husband is?

Perhaps, Tarpley should have tweeted his story. If every time Donald Trump lied on Twitter (or on the news, or… anywhere), someone sued him, the courts would be filled already.

After the lawsuit was filed, Tarpley took down his blog and published an apology, something Trump has never done for the lies he has spread… even after he admits they were lies. (everything he said about Hillary before he was elected, which he has softened on now). The Daily Mail also issued a retraction… oh, if we could only retract Trump.

Tarpley did later say Melania’s lawsuit was a “direct affront to First Amendment principles.” – a common theme in the weeks since Trump has been elected and a warning for what is to come.

When Donald’s feelings are hurt, he tweets; when Melania’s are, she sues. Either way, this country is set to be tied up in a colossal waste of time and money for the next four years.

Featured image via Scott Olson / Getty Images

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