Megyn Kelly’s Stupid Is Showing Again–Agrees With Carson Being ‘Over-Scrutinized’ (VIDEO)

Ben Carson is getting the media scrutiny that a front-running presidential candidate always receives, and it’s apparently awakened the sleepy doctor, who has been attacking the so-called-liberal-media for doing their job. Of course this means that the right-wing media is rushing to Carson’s defense.

One of Fox’s human talking point machines, Megyn Kelly, decided to weigh in on Carson’s claim that he is getting subject to more investigations of his past than what President Obama received in 2008. On November 9, Kelly repeated Carson’s complaint that the media didn’t pay attention to Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright until he was “well on his way to clinching the nomination.” She’s trying to suggest that if the story had broken sooner, it might have derailed Obama’s chances of becoming the Democratic nominee.

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Kelly brings up several things about President Obama that she claims didn’t receive media attention. That’s an interesting statement, because without media attention, how would any of them be familiar to her, or to the rest of us? About the only thing she doesn’t mention is the president’s supposed relationship with former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers.

So did the media give the president a “pass” on his relationship with Reverend Wright? Hardly. Newt Gingrich made the same claim last January, and Politifact looked into it. They rated the claim “false.”

ABC News did a report on Reverend Wright, and some of his controversial statements about racism, on March 8, 2008. Politifact checked on media coverage of the story following that report and offered the following graph of how the story was covered for the rest of the month.

via Politifact

via Politifact

Coverage peaked at over 450 articles between March 19-20, but continued at a fairly high level throughout the rest of the month. The whole controversy forced then Senator Obama to make a major speech about race.

Looking at another part of Kelly’s claim, was President Obama “well on his way to clinching the nomination” before the Reverend Wright controversy? Not at all. When the story broke on March 8, Obama had won 1,520 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 1,424. The primary race was far from over. In fact, Obama didn’t clinch the nomination until June 3, almost three full months after the Reverend Wright story broke.

Did media give Barack Obama a “pass” on his relationship with Reverend Wright, as Ben Carson, Newt Gingrich, Megyn Kelly and others are claiming? We rate the claim a huge, stinking pile of GOP elephant shit.

Here’s Megyn Kelly whining about Ben Carson not being treated the same as President Obama, on The Kelly File:


Featured image via Huffington Post screen capture

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