Megyn Kelly Reveals That Before Feud, Trump Used To Hit On Her In This Creepy Way (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly don’t seem to like each other very much. Their war of words has been going on for months now — at least since last August. That was when Kelly asked Trump about his past remarks that were demeaning to women. Trump responded by attacking Kelly on Twitter and the feud was on! But now Megyn Kelly is telling us that things weren’t always like that between her and “The Donald.”

Kelly sat down with Katie Couric on April 6 for a conversation about her life and career. As you might expect, the feud with Trump came up. Couric observes that it must be strange for Kelly to be in the news, rather than reporting the news. Kelly replies that it is unusual, saying,

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It’s a bizarre place to be, and it’s not a place I want to be, and I’m looking forward to that ending.

After a few minutes of talking about how the feud with Trump started, and why she thinks that Trump and Bernie Sanders are appealing to so many voters, Couric asks this question:

What were your interactions like with Donald Trump prior to this debate?

Both Couric and the audience seem shocked by Kelly’s answer.

He’d call me after a segment that he enjoyed and say how great it was. He would send me clippings about myself — like, news clippings — that he would sign, ‘Donald Trump.’ It was nice. I appreciated that he was reaching out. There were some other gestures that he made that, in retrospect, I understand them better. I think he was trying to curry favor because he understood that he was gonna be running for president.

Now Trump’s war with Kelly takes on a whole new meaning. Trump, who in many ways has never matured past the level of a pubescent boy, is upset because the girl he was hitting on not only spurned his advances, she made fun of him by putting him on the spot on live TV. In a more subtle way, that is pretty much what Kelly tells Couric:

My own belief is that when he heard that question, he felt betrayed. He said, ‘I’ve been very nice to you.’ But I was like, ‘I didn’t ask him to call me or send any of those things.’ It was a nice gesture, but it’s not gonna stop me from asking tough questions.

Here are Megyn Kelly’s comments about her past relationship with Trump, via YouTube:


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