Megyn Kelly Points Out Trump And Hannity Love Affair, Hannity Goes BALLISTIC (TWEETS)

There are two things that drive Sean Hannity: Getting his friend Donald Trump elected president and a seething, vindictive hatred of anyone who criticizes him. Those two character flaws merged into one nasty outburst when Hannity learned that his Fox News colleague, Megyn Kelly, had ridiculed his fawning relationship with Trump during a segment on her show.

Given the outsized reaction, the comment itself was not very harsh. Nor was it particularly controversial, either. While making a broader point about the lack of transparency among the two candidates, Kelly noted that Trump has been on a media lockdown and now only appears on Sean Hannity’s program where he can be worshiped by the host and get softball questions.

“Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10:00, will go on Hannity and pretty much only Hannity and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly expand the tent.”

The notion that Trump almost solely appears on Sean Hannity’s show is beyond dispute. The two are actively conspiring to use Hannity’s program as a propaganda wing to get Trump elected. As Asawin Suebsaeng painstakingly documented in a piece for the Daily Beast:

Hannity has made no mystery of his mission to help Trump become the next leader of the free world.

Behind the scenes, he has advised The Donald and his campaign on messaging and strategy. Multiple sources even told The New York Times last month that they believe Hannity might be gunning for a role in a Trump’s administration. This week, the Times reported that a Trump confidant spoke of at least one instance when Hannity personally drafted an “unsolicited memo” detailing the message Trump should deliver in the wake of the Orlando Pulse gay-nightclub massacre in June.

But the fact that his love affair with Trump is common knowledge didn’t stop Hannity from losing his mind once he found out that Megyn Kelly had “betrayed” him.

In a series of tweets sure to give his bosses at Fox headaches, Hannity lashed out at his co-worker in a way only a manbaby like Hannity could:

When one reader told it was “not cool” to lash out at his colleague, Hannity again responded like a child.

(For what it’s worth, Clinton has given numerous interviews recently and has also done multiple press conferences. By even a generous count Donald Trump has given a press conference in more than two months.)

Kelly, of course, does not support Hillary Clinton. While she may appear to be the only adult at Fox sometimes, she is still very conservative. Just recently she slammed the Hillary campaign for using a clip of her going after Trump in one of their attack ads. To accuse Kelly of being a Hillary supporter is pathetic and sad. Comedian Patton Oswalt put it more colorfully:

Kelly appears to be doing what many of us do when Sean Hannity is screaming about something: She’s ignoring him. While he tweeted hate at her, she posted this picture. A thinly-veiled reminder of how ready the country is to be done with this crazy election, perhaps? It’s certainly driven Hannity to break the last strings that tethered him to reality.

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