Megyn Kelly Loses Her Sh*t Over Obamacare ‘Deception’ (VIDEO)

The Kelly File host claims Obamacare was passed based on a ‘lie’

I know the feeling, Megyn Kelly. I get the same feeling when a conservative clutches to their tired, debunked spin on the subject of Obamacare.

Kelly sat down with Democratic strategist and pollster, Bernard Whitman, on The Kelly File to debate a recently unearthed video featuring Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) economist, Jonathan Gruber. In 2010, Gruber helped write the Affordable Care Act but in a panel discussion in October 2013 that is now circulating conservative media, said the law relied on the “stupidity of American voters” that helped it’s passage in 2010.

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In the video, Gruber reiterated that he would rather see the ACA in place rather than the old system.

Kelly’s guest tried to explain why the law was legitimate and needed political nuance to ensure it’s passage, saying:

“Obama campaigned on this law for two solid years. The law was debated for an entire year. He risked his presidency on the law. We lost the House because of the law. I think everyone knew exactly what they were getting. The Chief Justice last year of the Supreme Court, Roberts, right, pretty smart guy? He said it was clear there was a tax. Politically speaking he couldn’t call it a tax law, so they called it a mandate. That is called political artifice.”

Mandate a ‘lie’ that made it through Supreme Court? No.

Kelly tried to argue that the ACA was anything but transparent and that nobody paid attention to the “controversial” decision by Chief Justice Roberts when he declared that the individual mandate was clearly a tax.

Whitman went on to educate Kelly about what taxes do for our society; they provide defense, they build infrastructure but was cut off in his explanation when he got to the part about 10 million Americans now insured because of the law. Basically, the Teabaggers would have latched onto the word ‘tax’ had they included it, so they called the tax an individual mandate so that uninsured Americans could get their health care.

The terminology essentially kept blowhards in tricorn hats with Celestial Mornings hanging off of them from stifling the ACA by minimizing it as a tax issue. Most rational Americans agree that health stability creates financial stability but the climate in 2010 was anything but rational.

Kelly, who disintegrated into a malfunctioning Foxbot, could only yell that “Americans were lied to” and “that the ends don’t justify the means!”

By ‘ends’ Kelly meant the  millions of Americans who are now able to see a doctor, not be denied care or charged sky-high rates for pre-existing conditions and gave women equal coverage. I’m just really confused on why the mandate most people knew about has become so hotly debated. Oh right, majority  GOP Congress (wink).

In another interview with Trey Gowdy, Kelly calls the unearthing of Gruber’s videos “the smoking gun we’ve been waiting for.”

Not exactly, but there’s no doubt Fox will try to paint it as such.

Watch Gruber’s comments that have the right wing so outraged and ready to repeal American health care (20:25):

H/T: Huffington Post  Photo: The Kelly File (Screenshot)

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