Meghan McCain Thinks Americans Hate Obama For Choosing A Centrist Judge (VIDEO)

Doing nothing more than being blonde and the daughter of a former presidential Republican presidential  candidate, Meghan McCain naturally makes appearances on Fox News. While she’s certainly no Bristol Palin–and that’s not saying much–she should still probably stick to her day job, whatever the hell it is. In any case, she appears to pretend to be  a constitutional expert as well.

Appearing on Fox News Business Channel, McCain contended that President Obama had essentially destroyed the career of an appeals court judge after nominating him to the Supreme Court. Indeed, giving someone the opportunity to serve in the highest court in the land, and, therefore, have absolute power appears to be rather mediocre in the eyes of McCain. Radio host Tammy Bruce argued that nominating Garland was the “most political thing” the president could have done by “trying to elevate himself at the expense, perhaps, of Judge Garland, having it be a political fight in this way.” Of course, everything Obama DOES is for political advantage.

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Not wanting to be outdone in the area of totally dubious expertise, McCain weighed in the most uninformed way possible.

The average person at home probably doesn’t realize all these intricacies happening, Meghan McCain told Varney. Because it’s exactly why people hate President Obama because he will possibly sacrifice this man’s career simply for his own political benefit.

Um, what?! Americans hate the President because he decided to choose a centrist candidate that Republicans should have no issue agreeing with? Even the Fox News panel were befuddled by her comments.

Watch the exchange below:

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