Meet David Fry, Ammon Bundy’s ISIS And Hitler Loving Computer Guru (VIDEO)

Ammon Bundy and his band of merry men who are holed up in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have been calling for “patriots” to come and join them in their cause. Of course, this has led to a parade of misfits and revolutionary “wannabes” making the trek to eastern Oregon. But when David Fry showed up, Ammon Bundy may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Fry is a computer hacker from Ohio who traveled through a blizzard to help Bundy and the boys. He’s also a fan of Adolf Hitler and ISIS.

Since the standoff began, Bundy has insisted that he and his militants were not using government computers. But a video that Fry posted on Tuesday shows that to be a lie. In the video Fry explains how he gained access to one of the BLM computers, which he is using to run a website for the occupiers.

Fry’s Google Plus account is filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel posts, as well as one that accuses the U.S. government of protecting terrorists from Russian airstrikes in Syria. Oregon Public Radio reports that on November 30, Fry posted this:


Apparently OPB’s report hit a nerve with Fry, as that post is no longer on his page. Instead, Fry now offers this post in response to the story:

David Fry post

He followed that one with this:

David Fry post 1a

Too late, Fry-boy. You missed these:

David Fry post 2

David Fry post 3

Then he was dumb enough to refer to his now-deleted pro-ISIS post with this one:

David Fry post 4

This is the kind of “patriot” Ammon Bundy is attracting. Maybe he’ll join fellow “patriot” Jon Ritzheimer in enjoying a “bag of dicks.

Presenting Bundy ally and ISIS/Hitler fan, David Fry, in his own words:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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