Media Heaps Praise On Right-Wing Sub Shop Owner Who Killed Elephant, Stole Wages From Employees

The shameless corporate media is giving non-stop press to Jimmy John Liautaud, the right-wing owner of the Jimmy Johns sandwich chain for offering his customers $1 sandwiches at their local Jimmy John’s restaurants as part of  “Customer Appreciation Day. At first blush, that sounds like a pretty amazing offer. Who wouldn’t want a dollar sandwich?

But if people actually knew what a massive, gaping right-wing a-hole Liautaud is, they might choose to pay $7 for a sandwich at Panera, instead.

For those of us who actually pay attention to what’s going on in the world, how could we forget the grisly photographs of Liautaud posing with his big game “kills” on his now silenced Facebook page.

One is a great big fat animal that craps everywhere it walks, whereas the other is a lovely elephant.

One is a bloated animal that craps everywhere it walks, whereas the other is a lovely elephant. Image via Boycott Jimmy Johns’ Facebook page

A simple Google search reveals that hundreds of media outlets are providing Jimmy John’s with free advertising for its events today. However,  ABSOLUTELY none of them mentioned Liautaud’s miserable record as a human being – or his love for killing rare animals.

But that’s just the tip of the viceberg…

Anyone who’s considering taking Liataud up on this deal should probably know that he’s also a terrible boss. For example, Jimmy John’s and/or its owner, Liautaud, have been implicated in forcing workers to sign non-compete agreements that keep them from searching for work close to Jimmy John’s; donating money to Arizona’s hat-filled Sheriff Joe Arpaio; pilfering money from employees in systematic wage theft; and fighting to keep the Affordable Care Act from passing, after declaring that he would cut his workers’ hours in order to keep them from earning health insurance benefits.

Yep, this is the patron saint of business the MSM is glorifying.

Liautaud’s hired goons immediately scrubbed all comments associated with Liautaud’s big game kills on Jimmy John’s Facebook page within four minutes of posting. Naturally, they allowed hundreds of comments praising Liautaud for his one-dollar special.

In short, a guy like Bernie Sanders who is looking to end big money in politics and wants to deliver healthcare to all America citizens gets little to no coverage. But this a-hole, who’s clearly doing damage control, gets all the praise in the world from the MSM. Yeah, that seems right.


Featured image via Boycott Jimmy Johns’ Facebook page

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