Mayoral Hopeful Pens Emotional Response To The Tamir Rice Decision

Jordan Turner is running for Mayor of Watertown, Wisconsin. The young politician has lofty goals, and diverse experiences, according to his website, including co-founding a company that pays for veterinary services when people can’t do so and saving historic buildings in his town. He is clearly a social activist, with a big heart.

After the decision was handed down not to prosecute the officer involved in murdering Tamir Rice, by what appears to be a deaf and blind Grand Jury led by a “Prosecutor” who seemed to be more interested in being a lawyer for the defense, the Mayoral hopeful sent out the following email:

From: Jordan Turner <[email protected]>
Subject: Wis. Politician Voices Concern About Tamir Rice Case

Message Body:
Written by: Jordan Turner, a candidate for mayor (on the ballot) in Watertown, Wisconsin. Formerly, served as president of Wisconsin-based Global Conservation Group for seven years.

December 29, 2015

I was disappointed and saddened after becoming aware of a Cleveland grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer accused of fatally shooting a twelve-year old boy within two seconds of exiting his patrol vehicle.

Much like Tamir Rice, at around 12 years of age, I was with several friends playing outside with realistic-looking air-soft guns. A concerned neighbor called authorities, who responded shortly thereafter by dispatching a single police officer. Without drawing her weapon, she politely and professionally asked us to stop playing with our guns so she could talk to us about the possible dangers of them. After a short conversation, she thanked us for our time and went on her way.

However, unlike my situation, Officer Timothy Loehmann shot Rice two times after only two seconds of exiting his car. The officer never engaged in any sort of verbal dialog that one would normally expect, such as “drop your weapon” or “show us your hands.” Additionally, the officer never attempted to administer medical aid after shooting the boy.

Another aspect of this case that bothered me deeply is the fact that the prosecutor in the grand jury investigation called witnesses on behalf of the defendant. Those of you who are familiar with grand jury trials know that the purpose of such a proceeding is to simply determine whether the defendant should go to trial — not whether they’re guilty or not. As someone who led one of Wisconsin’s largest animal cruelty investigation organizations, we routinely worked with prosecutors. They had a saying that goes “You could indict a ham sandwich if you wanted to,” meaning nearly every grand jury rules against the defendant as they are unable to provide a legal defense. It confuses me as to why the prosecutor in this case seemingly threw his own case in favor of the defendant.

Few, if any, other countries in the world support a police force who continuously and mercilessly slaughters its own citizens, many of whom are unarmed minorities. Whether you’re wearing a black face mask or a blue uniform, murder should never go unpunished. Sadly, in America, if you have a badge, it often does.

They say black people are angry in this country…well they’re not nearly angry enough.

Jordan Turner
808 Fieldcrest Ct.
Watertown, WI 53094

Cell: 920-248-0687
Email: [email protected]

The absolute lack of any sort of justice for the family of Tamir Rice is appalling, no family should ever have to bury a child for playing at a park. No family should ever have to know the loss of the future because a police officer decided to summarily execute a 12-year-old boy with a toy gun. Worse than even that loss of life is the fact that the officer that decided to end Tamir’s potential — for whatever reason he clings to while he is hopefully haunted and sleepless at night – will never have to answer for this murder.

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