That Time When John Boehner Was ‘Boinking’ This Reporter’s Coworker (Video)

Stephanie Miller’s fans got a special treat when they tuned in to her radio show Friday morning for a chat with May Lee, a journalist who knows “a little something about John Boehner.”

They had to wait almost alllllll the way to the end, past John Fuselgang’s weekly segment at 10:00 a.m., and then through most of “Whore Fridays” from 11:00 a.m-noon. But Lee’s revelation was worth the wait.

Lee explains that earlier in her career she worked as local news anchor in Ohio, GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s home state. But while she chased down the latest scoops, another reporter at the station was getting a heaping helping of Boehner’s boners.

The former CNN reporter (who now hosts ITV’s The May Lee Show) told Miller:

“Every time I see John Boehner, I can only think of one thing, which is what I know. When I was a reporter — anchor — in Ohio, he was boinking one of our reporters.

So much for those “family values” Boehner and his GOP colleagues go on and on about, because of course the reporter in question was not Speaker “Cheetin’ Cheeto” Boehner’s wife.

After Miller and Fuselgang fretted over the possibility of Boehner coming after Lee, she continued:

“I’ve known this all along, all these years, and every time I see him, all I think about is that reporter and him and… He would come over in the middle of the night with his secret service guys. Seriously. She would tell me. She was kind of a whore, too.”

Oh, and if Lee should meet an untimely demise, we’ll know the culprit by those tell-tale orange, powdery Cheeto fingerprint marks around her neck.

Of course this isn’t the first time Boehner’s peccadilloes have come to light. Former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney’s tell-all book, “Sideswiped,” is chock full of Boehner’s many crimes and indiscretions.

Lee’s big Boehner reveal…

Here’s a video with Lee’s revelation.

Featured photo: Composite. The Stephanie Miller Show (left, center); Video screen grab/The Daily Beast .

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