‘Mature’ Right-Wing Radio Host Will Vote Trump Despite Not Knowing Anything About His Values (VIDEO)

The right is, bit by bit, falling in line behind presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump (sorry, threw up in my mouth a little). From senators to pundits, those on the right are aligning themselves with Trump, some despite yuuuge reservations. Why would someone who despises Trump vote for him anyway? Well, their moral failings because of their refusal to do the right thing, even though it will severely damage the country added to their blind devotion to ideology, mostly. Oh, and their hatred for Hillary Clinton. Those things together are making conservatives with no willpower and/or personal integrity give into The Donald’s inevitability.

One of those lily-livered conservatives is Dennis Prager, yet another right-wing radio host (is there a factory where those guys are built and programmed?). On Tuesday, Prager (no relation to our writer John Prager) published an online response to his conservative #NeverTrump friends. In it, he explains why he is voting for Trump and why his pals should join him. He admits that Trump has “character defects” and a “lack of identifiably conservative principles,” but that doesn’t really bother him. He says that he is not interested in “moral purity.” He just wants to beat the left and the Democratic party.

Prager went on “The Hagee Hotline” with Matt Hagee (John Hagee’s youngest) on Tuesday to, basically, repeat his letter on the air. Telling Hagee that he would have preferred any of the other nominees, Prager noted how that, even though he doesn’t know Trump’s values, he will vote for the Donald. Think about that for a second: “… I don’t know his values.” Here is a conservative on an Evangelical show saying that a candidate’s values are not important to him. Mind-boggling. He goes on to say that there are “terrible things” about Trump but, even so, Prager will be voting for him. Even though he doesn’t know where Trump stands on “many issues,” Prager says he is “going to vote for him because I have no choice.”

This, he asserts, is what “mature people” do. Obviously some strange new meaning of the word, “mature,” of which we have been previously unaware. Really, now? “Mature people” discount all facts about a person, ignore any inconsistencies and unknowns about a candidate and vote out of spite? No, Mr. Prager, actual mature people weigh the pros and cons of electing a candidate and, having come down on the side of logic, refuse to elect an egomaniacal narcissist as president.

Then Prager broke Godwin’s Law. Big time:

In life, mature people have to recognize most of the time in life, we don’t have a choice between good and bad; we have a choice between bad and worse. The United States supported the mass-murdering Stalin against the mass-murdering Hitler not because we shared Stalin’s values but because, at the time, the right thing to do was to support Stalin against Hitler. Mature people have to live in a world where you don’t get your ideal but you better defeat the worst.

To Prager (and his sheeple), Hillary Clinton is like Hitler. Of course, she is. Because they don’t like her. And, in their pea brains, that makes her exactly the same as the worst mass murderer in the 20th century. And Trump, by the way, is not like Stalin, either. Because, for all of Stalin’s failings — and there were many — he, at least, was able to work with the Allies to end WWII. Trump can’t work with anyone. His narcissism is too virulent.

And, incidentally, we didn’t so much support Stalin as hold our nose and work with him. For the greater good. A concept that, sadly, conservatives are unaware of.

Prager’s analogy is ridiculous, of course. An excellent example of only sipping from the Pierian spring. But, hey, sometimes “mature people” have to take a dump on the country just to further their own ideology, right? Because money. And Prager, like most conservatives, worships money. He is willing to vote for a man whose values — a thing that pseudo-Christians beat everyone else up over — he doesn’t know, simply to protect his money.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2xkT6oWBFI&w=640&h=360]

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