Massachusetts’ GOP Governor Says He Will Not Vote For Trump

After sweeping the state in the Super Tuesday contests, Donald Trump won’t be getting an endorsement of Massachusetts’ governor anytime soon.

The twist? He’s a Republican (thanks low voter turnout, Democrats). Charlie Baker, who beat Democrat Martha Coakley 48-46, declared on Wednesday to the Boston Globe that he will not be voting for Trump nor supporting him in any way, saying:

I said I wasn’t going to vote for Trump yesterday, and I’m not going to vote for him in November…I’m not willing to concede that the Republican nomination is over and, frankly, you know, you guys shouldn’t either.

Before he conceded earlier this year, Baker endorsed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie has now infamously endorsed Trump.

The billionaire mogul won Baker’s state with 49 percent of the vote. John Kasich came in second with 18 percent. Trump waltzed away  with 22 delegates, adding his total to 319. Senator Ted Cruz comes in a distant second with 226.

Baker now joins a growing list of prominent Republican politicians who have refused to endorse the GOP frontrunner, including U.S Senator Ben Sasse, former New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman and an unnamed Senator according to Chuck Todd.

In the highly liberal state of Massachusetts, an endorsement for Trump would probably make Baker a one term governor. Are his moves sincere or just calculated? Who knows, but the important part is it makes the GOP look as brokered as they really are. The list keeps growing, and will only continue to get bigger as Republicans realize their “brain-child” will be their nominee.

Stopping just short of personal disgust against Trump, Baker claimed his non-endorsement is because his focus should primarily be on Massachusetts, not presidential politics:

The voters of Massachusetts did not elect me to engage and participate at great lengths in national and presidential politics,” Baker said.

They elected me to serve as the governor of Massachusetts and to focus on the work and the people’s business here. And that’s what I intend to do.

Good save, Governor.

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