Martin O’Malley Just Totally SHREDDED Trump’s Pitch To Black Voters (VIDEO)

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley just totally shredded Donald Trump’s attempt to lure black voters to the GOP and explained just how laughable his poor excuse for African-American outreach is in light of the bigotry his campaign is built on.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, the former presidential candidate slammed the Republican nominee’s recent pitch to black voters, saying that “Donald Trump’s immigrant bashing and racist rhetoric would make Lincoln roll over in his grave.”

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said Trump’s comments a few days earlier were an honest effort to include African-Americans in the Republican party and were “a good thing.” He continued, arguing that “reminding them it’s the party of Lincoln, is a very good thing for the party and it’s a good thing for the country.”

O’Malley wasn’t buying it, not after the bigoted campaign that Trump has run , and he launched into a takedown of Trump’s so-called “outreach” to black voters.

Dana, it would be good thing where not for the fact of total hypocrisy of Donald Trump. I mean, Donald Trump cannot talk about the party of Lincoln. Donald Trump’s immigrant bashing and racist rhetoric would make Lincoln roll over in his grave, Corey.

I mean, the fact — truth of the matter is Donald Trump wouldn’t even repudiate the support from a Klan leader. He retweets racist memes that are put in. He says, oh, I’m a not really making that up, Corey. He says, these are just things I’m repeating that other people do.

I don’t think that was really outreach to the very diverse African- American voters throughout this country. That was a reinforcement of a stereo type about black people generally. I mean, you want to see some success of the American dream? Look at so many of the African- American families here in Maryland, look at those young people on the Olympics winning gold medals. That is what our country is about.

Watch Martin O’Malley rip Trump’s African-American outreach to shreds.

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