VIDEO: Ex-Marine Makes A Fool Of Himself With Megaphone In Front Of White House.

Retired Marine SGT Manny Vega took to the pavement in front of the White House on election night with as megaphone to let the President know how he felt about him.

In the video you’ll hear Vega tell the President he “might as well resign” because Republicans now control the government, making his job pointless.

All you’re gonna be doing is pacing back and forth with nothing to do.  Is that OK with you?  Just resign.  Please.  We’ll hold you accountable later.  We’ll press charges later.

Vega apparently skipped school the day they taught the veto in civics class.  Homework that night may have also included the filibuster rule.

Vega then goes on to spout some vague conservative propaganda straight out of World Net Daily:

You know what, just go golfing a little more often, OK?…The American people have had about enough of all you do against this country.  Going against the constitution.  Thinking that you have every power…to…make laws…without congress.

Adding to his credibility as an informed voter, this lunatic then goes on to question the President’s citizenship.  Of course he did.  You can’t make such bold accusations as “going against the constitution” without knowing what you’re talking about.  Examples aren’t necessary when you can simply fall back on birther garbage:

Can you explain to the people where you’re from?  Please Mr. President, a lot of people are asking.  Can we now figure out if that birth certificate is real?  I think it’s a fake Mr. President..or..Mr. Usurper.

And then for good measure, Vega breaks out into song, with possibly the worst version of America the Beautiful available on YouTube.

The best part of all this is the title to the video, “US Marine Manny Vega Owns Obama at the White House.”

I guess “Douchebag Marine Makes A Fool Of Himself In Public” was taken.  Well…It is now.

Plenty of fun to be had in the comments section of the video for those who enjoy tormenting the idiocy of the uninformed.

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