Marijuana Legalization Resting On Young Voters Shoulders in Oregon

Oregon has a measure on this year’s ballot that would make marijuana legal on Tuesday if passed but it’s such a tight race between those who oppose and those who favor the measure that there is no telling which way the vote will turn out.

Measure 91 will allow adults to grow and possess marijuana and for licensed individuals, sell pot legally.

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If more young people were to get out and vote tomorrow, the legalization measure should pass easily.

For now, 46 percent of voters say they oppose legalization, while only 44 percent say they support the measure but of those who oppose the measure are largely made up of voters over the age of 55 which make up approximately 70 percent of the voting population in Oregon.

Stuart Elway, who issued the poll said:

Support goes down as age goes up.

That claim is consistent with a study done by Pew Research:

Marijuana Decriminalization

Marijuana legalization and decriminalization is most favored by Gen X and Millennials age groups Pew Research Center

For now, Colorado and Washington are doing relatively well with their legalized marijuana laws. Denver is boasting a remarkable drop in crime, especially the murder rate, and did not experience any ‘potted-up’ children over Halloween while sending profits to the educational system. Washington is also experiencing a drop in arrests for marijuana crimes freeing the WA police to fight crime more intimately. 

While national polling indicates that people are more in favor of decriminalization than ever, Oregon’s ballot measure is in a fight for it’s life.

If you are an Oregon resident who votes for Measure 91—and it passes—you can always reminisce about the time you saved mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, landscapers, construction workers, college students, farmers, bartenders etc.  from unnecessary criminalization for marijuana crimes. Or, if you’re more into it for the medical benefits, you can pat yourself on the back for ensuring that marijuana is freely available to all who need it out of necessity.

So, if young Oregonians want to see the measure pass, it’s crucial to get out and vote tomorrow—and bring two friends!

H/T: Policy Mic Photo: Pixabay

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