Marco Rubio Skips Anti-Terrorism Meeting For The Most UNBELIEVABLE Reason

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Marco Rubio is SO concerned about terrorism that he skipped a meeting that talked about America’s role in the fight against terror after Paris was attacked by ISIL extremists. Where did he go instead? Well, to raise money for his campaign to be president.

Because it is totally presidential to skip meetings that may just shape the immediate future of this country, right?

No one is shocked that Rubio would miss a meeting, he misses votes regularly too, but to miss one of this weight and import begs the question: is he more worried about his own campaign’s finances than our nation’s role in combatting the terrorist threats of ISIL?

Perhaps he really is more worried about his finances then national security or the terrorist threat to this country — and most of the world. In that case, he seriously is not the kind of president we need.

Maybe the meeting wasn’t very important, so he felt it was ok to skip? The meeting was a closed-door briefing entitled “The Aftermath of Paris: America’s Role,” so that doesn’t seem very likely either.

We already know that he has no qualms about not showing up to do his job as a lawmaker, and the only excuse that he could offer to miss this meeting after Paris was Attack by ISIL is that he was traveling to California to glad-hand donors and beg for funds.

If he can’t prioritize the safety of this nation above his soiree schedule, that shows an awful lot about what kind of president he would be too.

The last thing this country needs is a Republican in Congress or the White House, and this current crop of do-nothing loudmouth bigots is a striking reminder of that every time you turn on your radio, TV, or log on to social media. The conclusions available about this particular Republican are very few, and all of them mean the same thing. Marco Rubio is NOT the kind of man we need as president. Period.

Feature image via RawStory, altered

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