Marco Rubio On Endorsing The Same Candidate As The KKK: ‘It Is What It Is’ (VIDEO)

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper airing Sunday morning, Marco Rubio showed exactly how morally bankrupt the Republican Party has become. Instead of holding his party and delegates to any kind of moral standard, Rubio explained that he would be throwing his delegates to Donald Trump because beating Hillary was more important than keeping a white supremacist who openly admires fascism out of the White House. It’s the ultimate expression of party before country.

To Tapper’s credit, he didn’t let Rubio’s capitulation slide that easily:

Tapper repeatedly pressed Rubio on some of the more disturbing aspects of Trump’s candidacy, including the vocal support he has garnered, and at times reciprocated, from white supremacists.

Rubio expressed the sort of displeasure you’d expect from someone who sat through the season two premier of Wayward Pines, but in the end, took a tautological view of Trump’s white nationalist backers: “It is what it is.”

Rubio followed that stunning bit of shoulder shrugging with a half-assed condemnation of the racism and his belief that Trump is not actually a white nationalist nor does he actually believe anything he says. This, of course, begs the question: If Trump is not a white nationalist, why is his message resonating so strongly with the white nationalist movement? And not just resonating, but sounding a clarion call that is bringing them out of the shadows.

Here’s the clip from Sunday morning:

Just to be clear, Rubio is not just stepping out of the way, he plans to actually support Trump:

Rubio, who told Tapper that he would be willing to speak on Trump’s behalf at the convention, did signal some respect for the man he has sharply criticized, praising him as “the ultimate change agent” and that he may be developing “perhaps a more comprehensive approach” on some policy questions.

I’ve seen jellyfish with more spine than this. And, seriously, Rubio isn’t fooling anyone. “More comprehensive approach?” Trump?! Not even the most gullible Republican believes that. They’re just praying they can control him once he gets into office like they did with Dubya Bush.

And to remind us of just how low the GOP has fallen, Rubio endorsed Trump’s lowering of the discourse to just above Idiocracy levels:

Rubio recommended that Trump not drastically alter his approach in the general election.

“I don’t think he should change if he’s been successful,” Rubio said when asked about Trump dredging up scandals of the 1990s to attack Hillary Clinton, which Rubio said he himself wouldn’t do. “I may not like that direction, but at this point, he won and this is the direction that he won on.”

That is a sign of a party that has abandoned any and all principles in the pursuit of power for power’s sake.

The bottom line is that Republicans are willing to suffer through 4 years of Trump for a chance to control the Supreme Court for another 20 years. They know that without a conservative SCOTUS, all of their voter suppression tactics are doomed and without that, they lose everything. They’d rather risk burning the country to the ground by putting an incompetent, racist egomaniac in the Oval Office. If he accidentally kicks off a race war in the process? Oh well! At least they’ll still have a conservative majority on the court.

“If I can’t have her, no one can!” is not a political platform, it’s the note left at the scene of a murder-suicide.

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