Marco Rubio Just Found What It’s Like To Be SHREDDED On Twitter (SCREENSHOTS)

One GOP Candidate after another has experienced humiliation at the hands of Twitter and Facebook users. They just don’t seem to realize how the internet works, how it never forgets, and how just about all the information we need is just a few keystrokes and clicks away from exposing their lies and hypocrisy.

Not to be outdone by his clown car passengers, Marco Rubio decided to make a fool of himself on Twitter this morning. Being that Rubio is being bankrolled by tech giant, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, this was mildly surprising. Because, you know, technology…

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So, really, Marco Rubio tweeted this:

Marco Rubio American Dream on Twitter

Apparently he’s not aware that his voting record is readily available online. Most recently he voted:

  • Repeatedly in favor of a bill he co-sponsored to push the Keystone Pipeline, which would enrich the Koch Brothers even further, and offer only a handful of permanent jobs to Americans.
  • Against Department of Homeland Security Appropriations (but BENGHAZI!!!!)
  • Against an Amendment overturning Citizens United
  • Repeatedly Against Highway and Transportation Funding
  • Against bringing American jobs home
  • Against refinancing student loans
  • Against Minimum Wage Fairness
  • Against Paycheck Fairness
  • Against Protecting Access to Medicare

Anyway, you get the idea. Rubio is a total asshole. And Twitter users are well aware of that:

Rubio Twitter Response 1

Rubio Twitter Response 2Rubio Twitter Response 3Rubio Twitter Response 4

Rubio Twitter Response 6Rubio Twitter Response 8

There are likely more responses since this was written. If you are a Twitter user you may want to go on over and enjoy the fun.

Featured image via Wonkette.

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