Man Who Once Suggested God Sends Floods To Punish Gays Just Lost His Home In Louisiana Floods

Tony Perkins (the right-wing nut job, not the actor) just loves his god. And he has some very strong opinions about how his god works, raining down judgement on the wicked and all that sort of thing. One of the things that Perkins seems pretty certain of is that god sends natural disasters to punish the wicked, just like he did back in the Old Testament days.

Guess whose house just got destroyed by the flooding in Louisiana?

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Perkins has been on vacation for a couple of weeks, no doubt resting up before girding his loins and forging into battle against the forces of the evil Hillary. But he called into his radio show on August 16 to talk about how the catastrophic flooding that has been impacting the bayou state has affected him personally.

Saying that the flooding in Louisiana was of “Biblical proportions,” Perkins described to guest host Ken Klukowski how he and his family had to take a canoe to escape from their home. Perkins added that he, his wife and their five children will have to live in a camper for six months while their house is being rebuilt. The duo also discussed the idea that god brings trials and tribulations to the faithful to make their faith stronger. That is not an uncommon idea, and many Christians will point to the Biblical story of Job as evidence that sometimes god does rotten stuff to (allegedly) good people. But the notion, advanced by Perkins and others in the past, that natural disasters are punishment for evil-doers, never enters into the conversation.

It was an altogether different conversation than Perkins had on his radio show last October, when he and guest Jonathan Cahn talked about the possibility of Hurricane Joaquin striking Washington, D.C. During that chat Cahn, who specializes in making predictions that always turn out to be wrong, forecast that god would send the storm to the nation’s capital as punishment for the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. Cahn observed that an act of “desecration” always brought about judgement, and suggested that the rainbow, used as a symbol of gay pride, was an insult to god, who gave it to mankind as a sign of his promise to never again destroy the earth by flood.

Perkins agreed with Cahn, noting that historically American leaders looked at natural disasters and asked the question “Is god trying to send us a message?” It’s interesting that Perkins seems to think that natural disasters are different messages from god, depending on just who is affected. Maybe sometime when he is down on his knees, Perkins might suggest to the almighty that it would be a lot easier to understand the point if god would just send an email.

Here’s Tony Perkins with a totally different take on disasters, now that he has been affected by one:

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