Man Trolls Jeb! So Well That The Dufus Actually Fell For This Hilarious Prank (VIDEO)

Trolling the Republican presidential candidates is pretty easy, especially Jeb Bush. However, one internet troll definitely gets points for originality and what’s even better? Vic Berger IV, a video editor, trolled Jeb! so well that not only did he and his campaign fall for a prank includes a neck tattoo, and you get not only the campaign and the candidate, but so did the mainstream media!

After several absurdist videos about Bush-lite, Berger promised to get a “Jeb 4 Prez” tattoo on his neck if one of his videos got a million views. He even got Bush to help promote it on Twitter. Then, he did it: he got Jeb 4 Prez tattooed to his neck in true “gangster” style.

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Well, not really, but he did make everyone believe he did.

All in all, this troll deserves an E+ for “Epicness,” and for the degree of saturation. Even though the target was a very easy one, the troll itself requires mad respect.

Here is a the entire story for you to enjoy, from CNN, courtesy of YouTube:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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