‘MAKE RAPE LEGAL’: Leader Of Pro-Rape Hate Group Praises Trump’s Victory (VIDEO)

The victory of Donald Trump has managed to not only expose, but elevate the vilest elements of society.

Aside from the appointment of Alt-Right propagandist Steve Bannon to serve as Trump’s senior adviser and chief strategist under his new administration, the next worst consequence of Trump’s victory has to be the elevation of the blogger Daryush Valizadeh, known better as “Roosh V.”

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Valizadeh runs the “Men’s Rights” website Return of Kings and hosts numerous events around the world. Roosh V describes himself as a “pick up artist” who teaches men how to meet and bed women by re-enforcing “alpha male-type” behaviors. He’s also behind the movement to “make rape legal” on private property. Seriously.

By his logic, sanctioned rape would make women more “responsible” for their own safety and less likely to go to the private room or residence of a stranger.

This piece of garbage also believes that plus sized women have no value in society, and that it is acceptable to “fat shame” and harass any female who doesn’t please the male eye.

And Donald Trump has this guy thrilled. Here is what he had to say about the election and what it means to his “cause.” Be warned that you should not read this on a full stomach.

“I’m in a state of exuberance that we now have a President who rates women on a 1-10 scale in the same way that we do and evaluates women by their appearance and feminine attitude. We may have to institute a new feature called ‘Would Trump bang?’ to signify the importance of feminine beauty ideals that cultivate effort and class above sloth and vulgarity. Simply look at his wife and the beautiful women he has surrounded himself with to remind yourself of what men everywhere prefer, and not the ‘beauty at every size’ sewage that has been pushed down our throats by gender studies professors and corporations trying to market their product to feminist fatsoes. The President of the United States does not see the value in fat women who don’t take care of themselves, and neither should you.


We now have a President who will not encourage anti-male propaganda, rape culture, and female victimhood. While I do have minor concerns on the influence of his feminist-minded daughter, Ivanka, Trump will not continue the attack on men that has been institutionalized since the sexual revolution and accelerated during the eight years of Obama. Because our current cultural dystopia is the result of intense long-term manipulation, it is more than enough for Trump to simply not touch the gender issue to allow the culture to return to a more patriarchal order. Stop feeding the rot and it will die off, allowing biology to naturally reassert itself.”

And according to Valizadeh, Trump doesn’t need to do anything more because his mere:

“…Presence automatically legitimizes masculine behaviors that were previously labeled sexist and misogynist.”

He also issues an ominous message, encouraging his followers to seize “the bull’s horns” and “assert our beliefs and behaviors.”

“’This is our moment. The door is opening for a renaissance of masculinity where men can take pride in being men, and the best part of it is that we don’t need to wait for Trump to do anything,’” he proclaimed. “’His victory is more than enough for us to apply our own individual strength in seizing the bull’s horns where we can come out of the politically incorrect closet and assert our beliefs and behaviors.’”

There’s no way a guy could read that as permission to force himself on a woman right? This sub-human piece of garbage is a prime example of the kind of scum Trump’s victory has emboldened within our society.

There is no telling how many women will be in danger over the next four years if this seditious mentality spreads beyond its current cesspools.

Thanks, Trump.

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