Maine GOP Governor Loses It, Threatens To Shoot A Cartoonist And Execute Lawmakers

Maine Governor Paul “LeRampage” LePage loves to state that he’s “not a politician.” He thinks for some reason that by saying that, he is excused from being a decent human being, not just in political circles, but in life in general. He loves the rich and hates the poor; he’s everything a Republican should be. At times he even does and says things that are so incredibly stupid, so insensitive and so backwards that he would make the perfect running for Donald Trump.

That was certainly very true last week when LeRampage was asked by a high school student at a function in Waterville what he thought of Bangor Daily News cartoonist George Danby, a proponent of expanding commuter rail service in Maine. The governor said that he “would like to shoot” Danby.

The boy who asked the question was Nick Danby, George Danby’s son. You stay classy, governor.

More recently, LeRampage said state lawmakers from Lewiston should be “rounded up and executed in the public square.”

Tony Donovan, a Portland-based real estate developer and member of the executive council for the Sierra Club Maine, said Thursday that LeRampage made the statement during an hour-long meeting in LeRampage’s office at the State House on June 8:

Maybe I didn’t hear right, but I’m pretty sure I did hear right. He was pretty vulgar and said he thinks the entire Lewiston delegation should be rounded up and executed in the public square. He did say that to me.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. LeRampage is well-known for being a vulgar jerk at the expense of others, especially the less fortunate. He absolutely hates the poor and will do anything in his power to make their lives more difficult. He said that welfare recipients are too busy getting high to look for work, that the unemployed in Maine are just lazy, and that a state senator was “giving it to the people…without providing Vaseline.”

The Bangor Daily News has demanded an official apology from LeRampage about his remarks towards their cartoonist. His office said he would handle it “personally.” Director of news Anthony Ronzio said the remark was “shocking and tasteless,” especially in the wake of political cartoonists at Charlie Hedbo being shot for expressing their views.

That’s typical Paul LeRampage for you. Agree with him, give him his way or feel his “wrath.”

Featured image via video screen capture from YouTube


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