Madeline Albright Calls Out Jeb Bush On His Lies About ISIS And On George W’s Record In Iraq

Candidates all say things on the campaign trail that stretch, bend and sometimes mangle the truth. There are fact checkers galore every time one of them gives a speech. However, Jeb Bush was taken to task by one fact checker who knows her stuff — former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

In an op-ed piece for Politico, Secretary Albright certainly pulls no punches, calling Jeb a liar and shining a bright light on his attempts to rewrite history:

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Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s brazen attempts to rewrite history in a series of campaign appearances last week cannot go unchallenged. By blaming President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the rise of ISIL, Governor Bush is clearly seeking to absolve his brother’s administration of responsibility for today’s problems in Iraq. This argument may serve Governor Bush’s political interests, but it does a disservice to the truth.

Albright, the country’s first female Secretary of State, shared the ACTUAL history of ISIS, reminding us that the organization emerged after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, LONG before President Obama and Hillary Clinton (acting as Secretary of State) were on the scene. Secretary Albright went on to castigate ‘the smartest Bush’ for forgetting that his brother, President George W. Bush, negotiated the military pull-out date from Iraq. President Obama wanted to stay in Iraq longer to further stabilize the country, but could not because the Iraq government refused to grant U.S. soldiers immunity from prosecution. She continued to criticize Bush for his rhetoric, which she believes is damaging to diplomatic efforts in the region, as well as how the United States is perceived globally.

In conclusion, Secretary Albright slams it home by stating,

“The United States cannot afford another President Bush who blinds himself to global reality and who forges ahead into chaos. Americans deserve a president who will acknowledge the past and will forge a better future.”

Well played, Madam Secretary … well played.

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