Lying Right Wing Media Attacking Obama’s Daughter Has ZERO Evidence She Drank Alcohol

Can we please let the Obama daughters live their lives in peace? President Obama’s 17-year-old daughter Malia is just like every other high school senior looking into colleges. Her disadvantage, of course, is that everywhere she goes she runs the risk of being photographed by people who want to make money off of selling the photos to people like The Daily Caller or whoever just wants to look cool on the internet.

That’s what happened last week when Malia was touring Brown University.

Meet Colin, the Brown University student who basically proved Brown University is probably not the best place for the Obama’s eldest child.

@Colindamnit didn’t snap any photos of Malia drinking or playing beer pong and any claims by Brown University students to have seen things are being deleted as quickly as they are going up. They’ve claimed they saw Malia do everything from table dancing, going topless, doing shots and probably even reports she left in a UFO. Colin just tried to say something on social media to look cool. Instead, he’s an asshole.

Think about the “cell phone culture” we live in today. You can’t go anywhere or do anything without a camera taking a photo or video of it. If Malia was actually doing the things @Colindamnit and his Brown University pals say that she was, you would think there would be a photo or a video other than the kid standing around looking bored. That, of course, doesn’t stop the right-wing media from pouncing on tabloid gossip.

In the absence of actual photos or videos, all we have are social media fueled gossip posts and phrases like “allegedly” and “most likely” dotting the headlines. Leave the kids alone!

If his google search is any indication, Colin sure likes the liquor himself. He seems to be an LGBT activist with ties to Illinois State University and his birthday is coming up. Colin has understandably locked down all of his social media accounts to protect himself from invasions of privacy like the invasion of privacy he bestowed upon the first family. You can still click through all of his photos here.

If the book published in 2009 is an indication, the daughters of President George W. Bush were a secret service nightmare. Secret Service had to do everything from stepping in to break up bar fights to delivering a Bush boyfriend (now husband) to the hospital he was so drunk. Then everyone made a pretty penny writing about it and telling their stories of the so-called “out of control” Bush Twins. Leave the kids alone!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reportedly told Hillary Clinton when entering the White House to limit press coverage of their daughter. The book Life In The White House tells a story of a letter Margaret Truman, daughter of former president Harry S. Truman, wrote to the New York Times in 1993 “about the damage that could be done if the press invaded Chelsea’s life as reporters had done to her.” But when Clinton was only 12 she became the brunt of Rush Limbaugh’s attacks when he called her “The White House dog.” For the love of God, leave the kids alone!

The children of a sitting president have nothing to do with their father’s job. They’re just kids. They’re forced to live a life in lockdown and under constant security. Everything they say and do is judged. There is nothing I would rather do than judge @Colindamnit for trying to score some cheap points on the internet, but thanks to people like The Daily Caller, there will be more like him. Hopefully, you’ll join me in telling them to go f*ck themselves for this kind of sh*t. Or reach out specifically to Tucker Carlson who owns the Daily Caller.

If you want to reach out to Christina Paxson the President of Brown University to ask her about the values the school instills in students like @Colindamnit you can do so here.

Feature image via Wikimedia commons.

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