Lying Bastard Responsible For Planned Parenthood Shooting Just Got Smacked Down By Supreme Court

It isn’t a huge secret by now that the Planned Parenthood “undercover” videos are a huge pile of lies and B.S. made for Republican propaganda purposes. They’ve been debunked more times than can be counted, but you wouldn’t know that if you listen to any Republican, including presidential candidates.

Now it seems that life is going to get a lot more difficult for the mastermind behind the videos as well as for those of his organization’s supporters and donors.

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David Daleiden lost his case at the Supreme Court of the United States, where he requested to block an order from a district judge to hand over his organization’s supporter and donor list.

In November, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered the anti-abortion group to disclose who received “confidential information” involving the federation.

Judge William Orrick said in a November 20 order:

It’s time to end this shell game.

This is information he did not want to get out in public, because of criminal implications that could develop over the recent mass shooting related to his videos. In Colorado Springs, a right-wing domestic terrorist attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic, shooting and killing 3 people. The shooter’s motive, according to law enforcement, was because Planned Parenthood was allegedly selling “baby parts” for profit.

This is exactly what Daleiden claimed to have footage of in his videos — footage which was later proven to be stolen footage of a miscarriage and not an abortion, that was used without the mother’s permission.

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Now Daleiden’s supporters and donors are in a mad panic to distance themselves from his organization and keep their involvement secret. The videos could mean he is in part responsible for not only domestic terrorism, but three murders as well. Everyone who funded, or otherwise enabled the production of these videos, could be attached to this crime as well. You can see the reason they want their donor list kept secret.

The sickest part is that he doesn’t care about the deaths he caused.

He is only worried about protecting his money.

That shows how “pro-life” he really is.

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