Lunatic birther Larry Klayman wants to deport President Obama

Larry KKKlayman, founder of Freedom Watch and mastermind to scores of frivolous political lawsuits, has filed a petition to deport President Barack Obama on the grounds of Kenyan Muslim fake birth certificate. Not to be outdone by the dentist/lawyer/astrologer Oily Taint, his supporting documentation is a soul-crushing hodgepodge of birthermania word salads, riding on the back of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s dead horse investigation/Hawaiian vacation.

Two affidavits from Mike Zullo, a member of Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse are exhibits A and B. Maricopa County’s Cold Case Posse is a regressive Scooby Gang, hand-picked by Arpaio and tasked with getting to the bottom of this birth certificate business by going to Hawaii and playing with Photoshop. Sadly there is no penalty for clogging the bowels of American justice with derptato lawsuits. Nobody is going to ever notice that republicans moan endlessly about “frivolous lawsuits” while KKKlayman, Oily Taint, and Speaker Johnny Walker Cheeto squander more tax payer money suing president Blackula.

No discussion of paranoid lunacy would be complete without an accredited paranoid lunatic. Three e-books by Dr. Jerome Corsi fill that void. They can be conveniently purchased from WND’s Obama store. It’s a one stop shop for bibles, patriot porn, and anti-liberal illiterature. A six video series from the Youtube channel, “TeaPartyPowerHour” on how to Photoshop a birth certificate for tyranny rounds out the evidence for this attempt to trump our democracy with imaginary scandalgasms.

If this case isn’t immediately laughed out of court, our system is broken.  With hordes of Ebola-laden ISIL immigrants pouring over our border, World War Z style, there are more important things to be scared of.  The man has been in charge for 6 years now, if he was planning to usurp anything, he would be usurping by now.

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