Lumber Company’s Super Bowl Ad Trolls Trump So Hard That Fox Refused To Air It (VIDEO)

America has always been a country of immigrants. Unless you are 100% Native American, your family came here from somewhere else. That is the beauty of this great nation. However, since the campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump, immigrants have been demonized, and Trump and his administration and supporters have painted immigration as something to fear rather than celebrate.

Therefore, 84 Lumber, a family-owned lumber company, decided to use the biggest platform possible – the Super Bowl – to show a beautiful story of immigration. In the ad, you see a woman and a child living in poverty, presumably in South America – perhaps Mexico – since Trump has repeatedly targeted people of Mexican descent, up to and including an esteemed federal judge. The woman and the girl make a brave and harrowing trek to the border, risking their lives to possibly build a better one in America. In the end, though, they eventually become legal American citizens.

The ad was a clear poke at Trump, as according to the Washington Post, an original (but rejected) version of the video actually showed Trump’s proposed border wall. Rob Shapiro of Brunner, which is the advertising firm that helped 84 Lumber with this touching piece of art, says of the transaction:

“Ignoring the border wall and the conversation around immigration that’s taking place in the media and at every kitchen table in America just didn’t seem right. If everyone else is trying to avoid controversy, isn’t that the time when brands should take a stand for what they believe in?”

In the end, the Super Bowl was aired on Fox, though, and they rejected the wall version. Shapiro said:

“Fox would not let us air ‘the wall.’ ”

This is the story of America, whether Trump and his supporters like it or not. Immigration is a beautiful thing, and immigrants are a wonderful part of the fabric of this great nation. Don’t let Donald Trump or anyone else tell you otherwise.

Watch the FULL amazing video below:

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