Louisiana Governor Tears Rudy Giuliani’s BS Apart : ‘Giuliani Got It Completely Wrong’ (VIDEO)

All of the fumes and noxious asbestos at Ground Zero must have really taken a toll on Rudy Giuliani, as he has been going full-blown stupid lately. First, the man who made an entire political career out of exploiting 9/11, only now conveniently forgets who was president during 9/11. (And he’s the one who says Hillary Clinton has head issues?) Next, he decides shed whatever credibility he had left by going after the governor of a state currently dealing with an historic flood.

Giuliani attacked Louisiana Governor Edwards for apparently “criticizing” Trump for flying in to bring toys to flood victims, while offering absolutely no concrete aid or relief. Opportunistic Republicans have been jumping all over this, comparing President Obama’s not being there to the same complaints Democrats had about George Bush during Katrina. There’s just one problem, of course: Governor Edwards specifically told President Obama NOT to come. He spoke with CNN’s Dana Bash.

“I believe Mayor Giuliani got it completely wrong,” said Governor Edwards. “I have not been critical of Mr. Trump’s visit. I have tried not to comment because I don’t want to get tied up in the politics of whether it’s the president, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or whether it’s Donald Trump. I have tried not to comment. And the comments that I have made have been very reserved.”

Watch the entire interview below:
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