Louis C.K. Just Gave The Best Assessment Of The 2016 Election Yet – And He’s With Her (VIDEO)

Louis C.K. just summed up the 2016 election in a few short minutes and he absolutely nailed it. And in case you were wondering, he is definitely with her.

The Emmy award-winning actor sat down with Conan O’Brien and explained that he isn’t voting for Hillary Clinton because he thinks she is the lesser of two evils. He is voting for her because he thinks she is the best person for the job.

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He pointed out that Clinton won’t just be the first woman to serve as president of the United States, she will be the first mother to hold the office. This he said, makes all the difference. Up until now, we have only had fathers in the White House.

“A great father can give a kid 40 percent of his needs. Tops,” C.K. said. On the other hand, he continued, “any mother, just a shitty mother, a not even trying mother? 200 percent.”

C.K. continued, pointing out that despite all the abuse she has taken over the years, she is still kicking a** and taking names. After giving what may be the best endorsement of Clinton that I have heard to date, he then broke the election down in terms that were crystal clear and added that “if you’re a liberal who’s not gonna vote, you’re a piece of shit.”

“If you vote for Hillary you’re a grownup; if you vote for Trump you’re a sucker; if you don’t vote for anyone, you’re an asshole.”

Watch Louis C.K. explain why we need “a tough bitch mother” sitting in the Oval Office, here. It’s definitely one you don’t want to miss:

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