Louie Gohmert: Jews Who Support Obama Are ‘Self-Loathing’

Another day, another Republican exposes themselves as an offensive, brain-dead Neanderthal. While Republicans are hemorrhaging support from just about everyone who isn’t a low-income, white, “Christian,” you’d think they would be extra careful with the things they say (especially with Donald Trump as their nominee).

If you’re Congressman Louie Gohmert, you just don’t care.

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Appearing on the Joyce Kaufman Show, Gohmert, who has never shied away from controversy, claimed that President Obama’s Jewish supporters were “self-loathing” who hate Israel:

He’s never been able to stand Israel. He’s never been able to get along with people who actually stood for Israel. Now he gets along fine with the Israel-haters. But, and it breaks my heart, but there are some children of Israel who just apparently seem to be self-loathing when it comes to Israel – but yeah, those folks he gets along with fine.

So according to Gohmert, Jewish Democrats are hostile, self-loathing Israel haters? Got it. Gohmert’s comments stem from a recent Wall Street article that showcases the Obama Administration’s renewed push to strengthen Middle Eastern relations.

As Republicans grapple with Nazi salutes at their frontrunner’s rallies, they now have to worry about rogue members of Congress who are equally fascist. While Republicans pretend to care about Israel and the Jewish people, their supporters sing a different tune (remember when Ann Coulter said Jews need to be perfected)? Remember when Ted Nugent accused Jewish lawmakers of being behind a gun control conspiracy?

As Trump continues to climb in the polls, Republican ideologues are coming out of the woodwork in droves with their bigotry and stupidity. Luckily, that may be what costs them the election. For years Republicans have been mocking Jewish people, writing them off as just another “shill” for the Democratic Party (like they do towards blacks and Hispanics).

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